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Welcome to the Member Resources web page, providing useful information for Chapter members looking for job opportunities, articles and presentations from our monthly chapter meetings, information on our scholarship program, NCMA professional certifications, the NCMA Contract Management Leadership Development Program (CMLDP), and volunteer information.


Jobs posted here are dedicated to positions in the contract management profession. We encourage employers encouraged to submit employment opportunities for us to post.

The NCMA Headquarters website posts Job Openings in the contract management field and also offers employers the option to post jobs. Access the Job Openings website.

If you have a position you like posted on the NCMA Frederick Chapter website, please contact:

Articles and Presentations

Focusing on relevant articles for the contract professional, and presentations from our monthly Chapter Meetings or special events. 

  • 2018 January 17
    Ken is one of the newest members of our Chapter! He was in the federal government for 37 years, and is both a retired Judge Advocate and civil servant. After assignments in the US and Germany, he became the contract attorney at Ft. Ritchie and then at Ft. Detrick, from where he retired in 2007 to become the General Counsel of a defense contractor. Ken retired (again) in 2009, and now teaches part time for commercial training companies. He is the author of Thomson Reuters’ The Contract Interpretation Handbook and Federal Grant Practice. Ken is also an NCMA author – most recently in the December 2017 edition of Contract Management magazine, and has addressed the NCMA World Congress in 2017 and 2016.

    Ken provided the NCMA chapter a presentation on “The Principles of Contract Interpretation”, that included selected contract information and contract content issued in government contracting. A 2018 edition of his Contract Interpretation Handbook was given as a door prize.

  • 2017 December 13
    Holiday Social. Madrones Frederick.

Frederick Chapter NCMA Scholarship Program

Scholarship Award Amounts and Financial Consideration

Scholarship awards provide assistance to NCMA Frederick Chapter members who want to further individual professional growth by attending academic courses, seminars, or NCMA conferences, or obtaining certifications.

Scholarships are available to existing NCMA Frederick Chapter members, in good standing who have demonstrated work experience or appropriate interest in a contracting or contracting-related career field. One scholarship award per Chapter member per program year.

Scholarship Award Amounts and Financial Consideration

Scholarships are awarded to successful applicants to cover course costs, registration fees, or exam fees less any employer contribution, up to a maximum award of $500. Awards will be made contingent upon the availability of Chapter funds. Financial need is not a basis of award.

Scholarship Application Instructions

Scholarship applications shall be emailed to the Scholarship Chair at in either of the months identified in the section “Schedule for Scholarship Acceptance, Evaluation, and Disbursement” below.

Applications sent at other times will be held until the next evaluation period.

The application shall contain one (1) Letter of Recommendation from a manager, supervisor, peer, or mentor who can attest to your academic and professional goal(s).

The application shall contain a typed letter in 12-point font that provides the information enumerated below. All required information must be contained therein to be considered a responsive application.

Letter Contents:

1. Your name, home address, e-mail address and telephone number.

2. Your NCMA member number (membership in NCMA is a requirement to apply for a scholarship award). For membership information and application, go to

3. The intended use of scholarship funds (i.e., the course, when and where you will take the course, total course costs and the amount your employer plans to contribute. For conferences, seminars, or certifications include the date(s), location, total costs, and amount your employer plans to contribute).

4. A professional goal statement in 500 to 1,000 words or less identifying your educational and career goals; how you plan to obtain them; and how the scholarship funds for the course, conference, seminar or certification will benefit your career/current position. Evaluation will consider the appropriateness of the goal statement, organization, logical development, and clarity of information.

5. Identification of any prior scholarships received from NCMA, including but not limited to the Frederick Chapter.

6. Statement of permission to make public your name, amount of scholarship received, and use made of scholarship funds which may include course title, completion date and where taken. The media for publication may include, but are not limited to, the Chapter newsletter and the Chapter website.

7. Affirmation of adherence to NCMA Code of Ethics, as stated below, along with your signature and date signed.

NCMA Code of Ethics

Each member of the contract management profession (“the profession”) accepts the obligation to continuously improve one’s professional knowledge and job performance in the field of contract management, and to abide by the letter and spirit of the ethical standards set forth below.

Each member of the profession shall:

1. Strive to attain the highest professional standard of job performance, to exercise diligence in carrying out one's professional duties, and to serve the profession to the best of one’s ability.

2. Conduct oneself in such a manner as to bring credit upon the profession, as well as to maintain trust and confidence in the integrity of the contract management process.

3. Avoid engagement in any transaction that might conflict or appear to conflict with the proper discharge of one's professional duties by reason of a financial interest, family relationship, or any other circumstances.

4. Comply with all laws and regulations that govern the contract management process in the jurisdictions in which one conducts business, including protection of competition-sensitive and proprietary information from inappropriate disclosure.

5. Keep informed of developments in the contract management field, utilizing both formal training and ad hoc means, to continuously increase knowledge, skill, and professional competence.

6. Share one’s knowledge and experience openly to contribute to the development of other professionals, improve performance quality, and enhance public perception of the profession.

7. Not knowingly influence others to commit any act that would constitute a violation of this code.

Schedule of Scholarship Acceptance, Evaluation, and Distribution

Scholarship applications will be accepted, evaluated and awarded twice a year as summarized in the following table and described below:

Summary of Schedule for Application Acceptance, Evaluation and Award
  Applications Are Accepted Applications Are Evaluated Disbursements Are Made
1st Period October November December
2nd Period April May June

The Chapter program year is from September through June of the subsequent year. Scholarships are budgeted on an annual basis.

Scholarship applications submitted to the Scholarship Chair during October will be evaluated in November. Funds for successful scholarship applications will be disbursed in December, based on the availability of Chapter funds.

Scholarship applications submitted to the Scholarship Chair during April will be evaluated during May. Funds for successful scholarship applications will be disbursed in June based on the availability of Chapter funds.

Note that a large number of successful applications in October may result in disbursement of all available funds for that program year in December, in which case applications will not be accepted during the April period.

Scholarship Evaluation Criteria

Properly completed scholarship applications will be evaluated by the Scholarship Committee. The committee will be made up of three members who will evaluate all applications received during that period and make recommendations for awards to the Executive Council. The Council will make the final determination on scholarship awards, based on the committee’s recommendations and availability of Chapter funds. Evidence of intent to study (e.g., acceptance letter, registration, payment receipt, etc.) is required prior to final disbursement of funds.

The Scholarship Committee in evaluating each application will award points up to the limited provided for each of the criteria identified in the table below:

Award Criteria Points
Timely receipt of scholarship application meeting all requirements 20
Professional Goal Statement (appropriateness, organization, logical development, and clarity of information) 50
Letter of Recommendation Source and Content 20
Affirmation of Adherence to NCMA Code of Ethics (including signature) 10

Scholarship Award Presentation

Scholarship recipients will be invited to a NCMA dinner meeting in June or December of the program year where scholarships will be awarded. Attendance is not required. Recipients will also be given the opportunity to present a brief five (5) minute informational speech on professional goals/growth and academic achievement.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the deadline to submit a scholarship application?
Scholarship applications will only be accepted during the months identified in the above table. It is recommended that you contact the Chapter’s Scholarship Chair before applying to ensure that scholarship funds are still available for the current program year.

How will I find out if I am going to receive a scholarship?
The Scholarship Committee Char will notify each applicant of the Chapter Executive Council’s disposition of the scholarship request in accordance with the schedule noted above. If you are not awarded a scholarship, you may resubmit the application in a subsequent period.

When are scholarship announcements made?
When a scholarship award is granted, the Chapter may include an announcement of the award in the Chapter’s newsletter, on the Chapter’s website or other forum. The announcement may include the member’s name, the purpose of the scholarship award and the amount of the award received. Your scholarship application request must consent to this publicity.

May individuals submit scholarship applications more than once?
An individual may apply for scholarship awards in successive program years. An individual may also apply for multiple scholarship awards in the same year. However, in both cases, if limited funds are available, a qualified individual who has not previously received a scholarship award will be given preference over one who has.

For additional questions about this policy please contact the Scholarship Chair at:

CMLDP - Contract Management Leadership Development Program

The CMLDP is designed to help develop the next generation of contract management leaders through an intensive yearlong educational experience. Program participants will receive 180 hours of top quality training in fundamental leadership, association volunteerism, NCMA governance, and contract management. The program is quite relevant to contract management professionals regardless of their employer, location, or industry.

Information about the program, eligibility, and how to apply can be found at:
Contract Management Leadership Development Program (CMLDP)

Volunteer Application

The NCMA Frederick Chapter is always seeking new volunteers who want to be an active member of the Chapter. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you to determine what your interests are and how you the Chapter can best benefit from your expertise. Please complete the Volunteer Application and submit via email to

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